Thursday, December 9, 2010

Dude, what happened?

Hello. You may know me. You may not. My name is Ronan RavenShard. I also answer to the nickname "Nails". No, Ronan RavenShard is not my name in real life. It is my character's name on the MMORPG Wizard101. I am a level 40 myth wizard. You may have heard of me from my other 2 blogs, Merlin's Secret Journal and Merlin's Secret Journal 2.0. Well, my Merlin's Secret Journal blog was shut down, as it was connected on a slur with another website. And as for MSJ 2.0,  that is a longer story. Around the beginning of summer, me and my parents went hiking. As we went uphill, I slipped and hit my head on a rock. I lost some of my memory, incuding my username and password. This time, I will put as much as I can into this blog. Long Live Wizard101!

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